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    Smile is the visiting card of each of us. It attracts, fascinates with its whiteness. Smile means positive emotions that prolong life. What does a beautiful smile include? First of all, this is healthy and strong teeth. If you want people to like you, make your smile unforgettable. Dental center “Dentko” will help to do it of high quality. Our center possesses technologies that will help to maintain the health of your teeth.

    On the first visit, our specialists will consult you, determine the necessary amount of work and together with you will choose the appropriate method of dental treatment. At your request and personal medical conditions, the dentist will conduct professional oral hygiene: removing dental calculus with ultrasound, removing dark scurf, especially among smokers and coffee lovers using “airflow” techniques, which is one of the safest dental plaque removal procedures. Are you dreaming to hit everyone with a snow-white “Hollywood” smile? We carry out sparing methods for teeth whitening.

    Our center will also help you to put to rights completely destroyed teeth, regain their shape and brilliance with the help of photocomposite materials of new generation, as well as seal the most "impassable" channels with absolute precision, ensuring successful prosthetics when needed. Possessing a personal dental laboratory, the dental center “Dentko” will help to make the prosthetic process quick and of a high quality. Our specialists take every step of the work seriously, because the beauty of smile and the health of patient depend on the correctness of the actions and the skill of the doctor.

    Prosthetics of teeth in our center is possible using new techniques and materials:

    • metal ceramics;
    • metal-free ceramics from zirconium dioxide, aluminum oxide, press ceramics;
    • implant prosthetics;
    • all types of removable prosthetics.

    We also conduct various types of operations on the maxillofacial area:

    • tooth extraction of varying degrees of difficulty;
    • dental implantation;
    • bone replacement operations;
    • periodontal surgery;
    • cystectomy, resection, etc.

    One of the most important directions of the center “Dentko” is periodontology. This kind of disease occurs in people after 35 years and leads to mobility and tooth loss, if you do not turn to specialists in time. With the use of modern methods of treatment and prevention, our center will help you to cope with periodontitis in the early stages of development, to defeat the severe form, and also to prevent exacerbations.

    The specialists of the center “Dentko” also offer their assistance in orthodontics. We will help to correct the bite at any age, applying different types of braces, orthodontic caps (aligners) and trainers. We have successfully used the well-known “Damon System” of bite correction - passive self-ligating braces.

    The youth can be attracted by the popular service of decorating the teeth with fashionable skyces made of artificial diamonds.

    The center “Dentko” cares and attentively treats each patient. We are happy to help you to look better and achieve the desired results. When your teeth become healthy, you will smile more often, which means that smiles in return and good mood are provided to you!

    Medical cosmetology

    Cosmetology in the center “Dentko” is represented by a number of popular procedures aimed not only at achieving aesthetic, but also in some cases therapeutic effect:

    • Removing of visible imperfections: moles, warts, papillomas and more.
    • Treatment of acne, the fight against hyperpigmentation, ozone therapy.
    • Photoepilation on the face skin.
    • Injection cosmetology - including anti-aging injections, contour plastic, lip augmentation.
    • Facial care - cleansing, masks, renewing peels.
    • Cosmetic services for men - including struggle against wrinkles and hair loss.

    Give people joy and a beautiful smile with “Dentko”.

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    01.11.2017 With great gratitude to Dmitriy Anatolevich Mihnovec!)This is a professional in his field and a very good man!) He removed painlessly two teeth, after that so quietly and carefully removed the cyst, in so doing, he was helping me distract and was talking to me.He did everything without pain! Even a anesthetic injection was without pain. It's amazing! He explains each his step. He is very human and a true master.If you are afraid of the dentist, go to him. I can't tell you how high his professionalism and spiritual qualities. Every second he asks you how you're feeling. Here are very reverent and caring attitude to the patient and reliable golden hands. Thank you, Dmitrij Anatolevich!) Now I'll go only to you
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